A passport with a minimum of 6 months validity is required for entry into Indonesia.
There are many different kinds of visas available for visiting Indonesia and Bali.
The most popular visa for tourists is the "visa on arrival" which can be purchased on arrival in the airport and costs $35.00 (USD).
As long as your passport is on order and you have a return ticket you should not have any troubles getting a visa on the spot valid for 30 days. Just be prepared to wait in line for a while.

Visitors holding passports from following countries are eligible to purchase "Visa on Arrival" in Bali :

Argentina Australia Austria Algeria
Bahrain Belgium Brazil Bulgaria
Czech Republic Cambodia Canada Cyprus
China Denmark Estonia Egypt
Fiji Finland France Germany
Greece Hungary India Iceland
Ireland Italy Japan Kuwait
Laos Latvia Libya Lithuania
Liechtenstein Luxembourg Maldives Malta
Mexico Monaco New Zealand Netherlands
Norway Oman Panama Poland
Portugal Qatar Romania Russia
Saudi Arabia Slovak Republic Slovenia Spain
South Africa South Korea Suriname Sweden
Switzerland Taiwan PRC Timor Leste Tunisia
Turkey Uni Arab Emirates United Kingdom (British) United States of America


Visitors holding passports from the following countries are eligible to enter and remain in Bali and Indonesia without a visa (MAX 30 day):

Brunei Hong Kong  Morocco  
Singapore Cambodia  Laos  
Myanmar Thailand Chile     
Macau   Peru Vietnam  
Ecuador  Malaysia  Philippines  


Indonesian departure tax is NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR TICKET. It is Rp.200,000,- (Two Hundred Thousand Rupiah) and has to be paid at the airport on the day of departure from Indonesia.

Vaccinations and/or any inoculations may be required and it is important to discuss your travel plans with your doctor. Also since Bali is usually pretty hot daily, make sure you wear a hat, thin shirts, adequate sunscreen and drink a lot of fluid.
Insect & Mosquito repellent is recommended at night.
It is not recommended to drink tap water. Bottled water is available for purchase at the hotel. 
The ice provided at the Bounty Hotel restaurants and bars is Government-regulated and safe.

We strongly recommend that all travelers should protect themselves with adequate travel insurance.

The unit of currency is the 'Rupiah'.
ATM's are available just in front of the Hotel and most popular areas.
Credit cards are accepted at the Hotel and widely accepted in restaurants and shops around Bali.

The national language in Indonesia is 'Bahasa Indonesia', English is understood widely, especially at the hotel, shops and tourist areas.

The average climate in Bali is between 28 and 33 degrees celcious throughout the year.
Between November and March tropical showers alternate with clear skies and sunshine.
Bali's climate can be very humid and is ideal for holidays all year round.

The electrical voltage is 220 volts. Indonesia uses a 2-pronged slim style plug electrical outlet.
It is advisable to bring your own adaptors to charge your phone, tablets or laptops.

The Bounty Hotel is located right next to the 'Beachwalk Shopping Mall'.
Also a large variety of traditional market and art shops are located adjacent to the hotel.
With these traditional market and art shop - Bargaining is a must!!

Metered taxis are a popular mode of transport to get around Bali.
Avoid getting into a taxi with drivers who refuse to switch on the meter. Also Keep spare change handy. Drivers often claim not to have any change for the fare.
Motorbike and car rental is also available for the daring. Make sure you have a valid international license.

Putting it simply: DON'T DO DRUGS IN BALI!!
Numerous high-profile drug cases in Bali should be enough to dissuade anyone from having anything to do with illicit drugs.
As little as 1 joint can result to multiyear jail sentences in Bali's notorious "Kerobokan Prison".
Try dealing and you may pay with your life.
Parts of Kuta are still rife with narcotics officers pretending to be dealers.
Tourists walking through often get whispered solicitations for drugs.
If you get one of these whispered sales pitches - Ignore and do Walk Away!!
Please also note that effective as of 2014; MAGIC MUSHROOM has been categorized as a "Class 1"addictive Narcotic.
Therefore any person found selling or in possession and/or using this product can face serious prison time.
In compliance with Indonesian law - The Hotel must report any guest in possession or under the influence of narcotics to the Police.

Moneychangers are all over Bali, but beware!! 
Moneychangers who offer the highest rates are usually the ones that will have amazing ways of ripping you off.
If in doubt, change your money at the hotel cashier or use an ATM.

Nyepi Day is a 'Day of Silence' in Bali during which, by law, tourists are required to stay within the hotel grounds.
This day generally falls in the month of March or April, and many festivals are held before and after this very special day.

Whilst in Bali, Enjoy your Holiday and please be respectful to others.
Trouble makers may be evicted from the hotel or face hefty fines or even face jail time.



The Bounty Hotel has been awarded First Class Gold Security in 2009 and 2011 by the Bali Regional Chief of Police for successful compliance with the Hotel
  Security and Safety Standards.
The Bounty Hotel has 24 hours Security. The Hotel employs 20 fulltime Security Officers to patrol the property and control all the entry & exit points.
The Bounty Hotel has CCTV camera surveillance 24 hours a day.